Workflow app and Suntrust Locations

14 Dec 2014

Workflow is a new app from DeskConnect. Here’s the big idea: It lets you create apps on your phone using your phone. No Xcode required, no app store, just you and your phone creating apps. It is insanely powerful.

You create apps using a workflow editor. You can drag and drop different actions onto the workflow screen. There are so many options to choose from. Look up addresses, download files, get current location, open other apps, and more.

Once you’ve created your workflow you can then add it to your home screen with a custom icon, color, and text.

If you can’t think of any apps to create or where to start they have a whole gallery of pre-made workflows to choose from. I used these as inspiration and base for the workflows I made.

I made a workflow to find nearby Suntrusts. It does a nearby search for “Suntrust”, for each Suntrust it finds, it gets the travel time from your current location. It then shows a list of results.

If I could offer some suggestions for improvements in Workflow:

  1. Get Min/Max item from a list - this way I could get the nearest Suntrust automatically
  2. Sort List Ascending and Descending
  3. Top function for lists
  4. Ability to pass multiple locations/places to a Map to map all locations

Gallery Workflow Editor Workflow Actions Workflow Actions Add to Home Screen Installed to Home Screen Notice that you can also create extensions Nearby Suntrusts