2nd Annual National Day of Civic Hacking

08 Jun 2014

Last weekend, May 31th - June 1st, Geoffrey Shoultz, Patrick Smith, and I competed in the local “National Day of Civic Hacking.” Our app was called “Let Your Voice Be Heard.” If you want to get in touch with your senator, your mayor, find out where to vote, or how to register to vote, then this is your app. Let your voice be heard!

It’s a mobile app that lets you look up your local, state, and national officials. It also shows their picture and contact information such as facebook, email, phone, twitter, or website form.

We used votesmart’s API to look up the data based on your zip code. We use Redis for caching, nginix for our webserver, and digital ocean for our hosting. The backend was all written in Python, while the client was built with Titanium.

I was really pleased with the app performance - Redis was a big help here. The client was nice looking for a bunch of non-designer programmers and also performed well. In just 24 hours, we created a snappy cross platform mobile app that really solves a problem many people have.

We won btw :)

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