The Right Place to Look

25 Jan 2013

I’ve been struggling with a project over the last few days. I am dealing with new technology and a new business domain - a one-two punch that easily confuses me.

I put a lot of pride in my smarts - I never want to come off as a dumby, but sometimes you just have to really humble yourself and start asking questions. I got over that issue long ago, its basically something you have to be comfortable with as a programmer. For me, the struggle lately is finding the right person to ask, finding the right book, the right forum, or the right example code. That can be the most difficult thing.

Inevitable when I find the right source, I berate myself thinking “duh! why didn’t you look here first? It was so obvious!”


Oh and I started a new job. I am working at Webfilings. An amazing place to work AND they have a nice little location here in my home town of Columbus, GA. My local office has an open work environment, top of the line computers, free food and drinks, ping pong, XBox, beer Fridays, Aeron Chairs… the list goes on and on. I never thought I’d work somewhere like this to be honest.

In you want to work here, take a look.

And if you are a company that needs a financial and regulatory reporting solution, check them out. They offer an amazing product.