Dropbox kept me from loosing my mind

15 Jul 2011

I’ve been playing D&D with my wife, Jackie, this week. I like keeping a log of the adventures and a map of the places we’ve been. Jackie reached a milestone and her characters both reached level 2. It was getting late and I was tired, but I wanted to finish up clean for the night. I decided to upgrade her characters, fill in my log, and draw a map on my computer. After leveling up I attempted to print the character sheets.

If you know me and printers you know that I hate them. What I really mean is that I hate the engineers that design printers - you are terrible at your job - just quit and do something else for a living.

The Oatmeal

After a grueling 30 minutes and many curse words, it finally bent to my will and printed the sheets. It went from a fun happy night to a terrible-I-hate-everything night.

With the log done, map made, and sheets printed, I am ready to go to bed. I should have stopped, but I just couldn’t leave a good thing alone. I see that I have two different folders on my computer with D&D documents. I decide to merge the old one with the new one. In Windows when you overwrite a folder with another folder it merges the folders. I am a Windows guy by trade so this is what I expect. In OS X it deletes the old folder and put the new one in its place.

In other words, It fks you.

Cartman puts it nicely,

Can you at least take me to a grease monkey so I can at least get lubed up before you fk me. Or at at least a little courtesy lick. How about a little courtesy lick next time you try to f**k me? Yeah, OS X, how about a courtesy lick? I came to expect this from my Printer, but you Mac OS X??? YOU TOO?!

Yep, I just lost all my character sheets, maps, and log for our entire adventure - they were replaced by some old D&D files that I really didn’t need! This sinking depression came over me and I thought I just might cry.

I sat there thinking “there must be a way to get this back.” But the Mac recycle bin didn’t have anything. I was at a total loss for any solution.

I walked away from the computer in a shocked WTF moment - A serious tragedy just occurred (I blame the printer). I had no more anger in me - it was spent on the printer. I was just slack jaw amazed that this happened.

If I did one smart thing it was storing all of this in my Dropbox folder. Guess what! Dropbox has a recycle bin. It had already backed up my documents before I could delete them. HECK YEAH! Elation!

Thank you Dropbox. Thank you.

p.s. It’s our 5th anniversary as wife and husband. I love you Jackie!