Sharepoint development

17 Oct 2010

I have continued to study Sharepoint 2010 at Channel 9. I have watched 38 videos and I am still learning new things. I am really excited about the new features. Particularly interested in Custom Service Applications and Custom .NET connectors. Search is also much more extensible.

Custom Service Applications will let you create a full blown application inside the sharepoint architecture. It can handle long running processes, share data across site collections, and provide services to desktop clients. I wonder what the data persistence story will be like. Are we going to store data in lists or can we have custom databases that live along side sharepoint databases? LINQ to Sharepoint is a new feature in 2010 and will really make scenario one a viable solution.

Custom .NET connectors are going to allow connections to any datastore. Webservices, file system, custom application… possibilities are endless. You can use it to make custom connections to file systems and then you can index them. This leads me to search.

Search has more flexibility in what you can search (using custom connectors). You can also make custom pages for displaying and custom data you’ve indexed.

I keep thinking of the custom CMS I helped make at my previous job. There were so many already-solved-features we had to add like security, favorites, page customization, and other features we just did not do.

Sharepoint plus the new custom development opportunities could make a really compelling product.