Never Forget

09 Oct 2010

A big fan of Evernote. My friend Greg recommended it as a good way to save online receipts. My friend Jennifer recommended it for no specific reason - she was just really enthusiastic about it.

I’ve been using it alot lately for studying Sharepoint 2010 videos on Channel 9. I made a Todo list on my ipod this morning (using the evernote app). I tried checking it at Starbucks and it couldn’t pull up the list - evernote doesn’t provide offline notes for free.

I liked the service so much and what this company was doing I decided to purchase the service for one year.


One of my favorite programs and companies, XMarks, is going out of business. They could not figure out a way to make a profit. I would pay for this service. I signed their online pledge saying as much.

I would hate for Evernote to go the way XMarks is headed. Purchasing it can hopefully keeps these guys and gals afloat.