Appliances go

09 Oct 2010

I abandoned general purpose computers to do tasks that could be done with applicances instead.

I got rid of my file/print server. I replaced it with a airport extreme + 2 TB external drive. End result: More reliable setup. Nothing crashes. I don’t need any expert knowledge of networking or servers. AND its cheaper.

I got rid of my home media center pc. I replaced it with a Roku box. Roku’s got the 10 foot interface. Comes with a nice little remote. Easy to use. AND its cheaper, quieter, more reliable.

I got rid of my desktop. I replaced it with a Macbook Pro. Its cheaper and more reliable. Plus its portable. I love it.


Don’t use the hammer to solve every solution. Computers were my hammer. My home media center and file/print server were evidence of that. I spent over $1000 on computers that did not solve the problem. The final solution (roku/airport/external drive) cost a third of the computer solution - ohh yeah and it actually worked.