Sharepoint User Group

08 Oct 2010

I contacted Microsoft today because I was interested in starting up a sharepoint user group.

I’ve never started a User Group, club or organization before. I rarely join them. I have attended user group meetings, but I try not to be involved at leadership level.

So why the hell do I want to start a group? Because someone needs to start a group. I want to attend meetings about programming. I want to talk to programmers. I want more programmer friends. It frustrates me that no one else has started such a group. I just consider myself an average person with average desires. So why am I doing this work? Isn’t there someone more motivated and passionate than me out there? Guess I just need to roll up my sleeves and do the work.


My new job is a Sharepoint developer. I have also done lots of general web development with .NET and Coldfusion. So what kinda user group should I start? Coldfusion, .NET, Sharepoint?

If I lived in a big city, I could pick anything and by just shear numbers I could get enough people to attend to make it worthwhile. Of course in a big city I wouldn’t be the one starting the group.

In a small town like Columbus, I need to get something that will have a broad appeal. It also has to be something I enjoy. I did Coldfusion work for 2 years and never liked it. That is out of the question. Sharepoint is fun but its more IT related and sometimes more of a business thing than anything else. Maybe just a straight up .NET user group.