08 Oct 2010

So what’s going on here? Why is Brian posting all these messages lately? I just purchased MarsEdit*. MarsEdit is blogging software. You use it to write little blog messages and post them to your blog. In my case I’m using blogger.

Why not just use the built in editor on blogger? Its free after all.

Sure I could do that, but there’s something about having a dedicated paid-for application sitting in the dock. Its constantly reminding you to click it. It just keeps screaming out and saying Click me and Post a message to your blog!!!


I do many things. Some of them out of compulsion. Facebook is one of them. Facebook wastes my time. That’s not accurate really, but I won’t go into that right now.

I visit Facebook so much because there’s a little icon on my ipod touch. Its the F of the facebook app. I see it. I click it. I click it without thinking why. Or without really wanting to go to facebook. The “in your face - doing it out of compulsion” works well with me.

I hope MarsEdit can do for blogging what the facebook app did for status updates.

I was using a pirated version of MarsEdit for a little while. I felt so guilty about it I hardly ever used it. I decided that I’d chunk down the money and actually purchase it. My conscience is now cleared.