Saomaidanang com homepage redesign

11 Apr 2010

I just finished up another site. You can view a screenshot here. This was just a homepage redesign and a little bit of php. Don’t judge the site by the pages it links to. I’m not responsible for that.

Even though it was just one page, it took about the same amount of effort as a multi-page site. Every site, whether its many pages or one, has a certain amount of overhead. Mocking up the site in Photoshop and then creating a static version is the same regardless of the number of pages.

It turned out great and I was really happy with it. I had a few challenges. The site was in Vietnamese. You have to be very careful about the encoding and DOCTYPE of a site if you want the characters to display correctly. I also did a small amount of php - a language I knew nothing about. I learned enough to query the phpBB database and get the most recent posts.

I also used the Blueprint CSS framework. It worked out well. You still need to know CSS to use it - you just don’t need to be an expert.