First Thoughts on Pro ASP NET MVC Framework

04 Feb 2010

I’ve been reading Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework. I haven’t finished it yet but I’m already going to recommend it.

The author, Steven Sanderson, knows what he’s talking about. Here’s how the book breaks down: The first 3 chapters consist of an introduction to core MVC concepts and some design patterns. The next 3 chapters are a step by step guide on building an online store. I love this part. I learn by doing and this application is a real world application. I definitely see myself taking code from this app and using in Picstogo. The rest of the book is a deep dive into ASP.NET MVC specific concepts. I haven’t gotten past chapter 10 yet.

The best way to read this book is start with the store application chapters. When you’re not around a computer, read the rest of the book. I find this very valuable. I’m getting an even mix of theory and application.

I’m not done reading yet, I hope hope hope to finish this book. I am really bad about reading half of a technical book and starting another one. Let’s just say that I’m reading the good parts.