Subversion Beanstalk and saving money

17 Aug 2009

I lost power today. My computer and file server both gave me “check disk” errors when I rebooted them. Everything turned out to be ok, but it got me worried.

I wanted to (1) backup my files at a remote location and (2) use version control. The kind folks at Beanstalk provided both for free.

All of this got me thinking that many companies have it all wrong. Did you follow that train of thought? At companies I’ve worked for we pay out the nose for EVERYTHING. Why? Its this “I-have-to-own-everything-and-control-it-personally” mentality. Many companies don’t understand that you don’t have to host everything yourself. Let someone else host your app. They’ll do it better and cheaper. Give some of that control away.

Free code, free services, free applications, all of these things are free (or very cheap). Save money and spent it on something you want, like Cartoon Wars for the ipod touch.