Will Always Negates Defeat

16 Aug 2009

My big message for today is:

Buy or borrow code when you can. The site I’m working on now is built around uploading large quantities of files (400+). I’m not going to build a file upload control. I bought one from these kind folks.

It’s all these guys do. They make this one very excellent control that you can use to upload files. In addition, they provide code samples for every conceivable scenario in C# and VB and in ASP.NET Classic and ASP.NET MVC. Wonderful guys and gals they are.

And whats a website without a login and user management? For that I am using the ASP.NET MVC Membership Starter Kit for managing users. ASP.NET 2 has really good classes that help you do all the CRUD associated with users. But these guys take it one step further…. they built an entire sample site, assemblies that encapsulate complexity, and some great samples. Thank you.

I’m full of love today. My last shoutout goes to ASPdotNetFAQ. I was getting this error when connecting to a local database. Here’s the solution.

This post title comes from a Flaming Lips song. I just discovered them this weekend and I felt that title was appropriate.