file server

28 Jan 2007

I am putting together a new file server. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I inherited a computer from my father. I’ve got 3 250GB harddrives on the way. It’s going to be a RAID 5 setup. This should total to 500GB of space. More than enough.

I chose RAID 5 for its speed, reliability and size. RAID 0 would have given me 750GB but at a cost of reliability. RAID 1 would have only given me 250GB. Raid 5 is nearly as fast as raid 0 on reads but it is more costly on writes because it needs to write parity for each write. It’s been a fun exercise and I’ve learned a lot about raid and disk I/O.

I’m debating on a few other features of this file server. I am considering not including a graphics card, floppy or cdrom drive. This will give me more power to my 3 disks. I am a little worried that my power supply won’t give enough juice to power 3HDD, 1 CDROM, 1 floppy and 1 geforce 6800. Why do I have a geforce, you ask? Like I said, I inherited this computer. I’m going to put this card to better use in my desktop come February when I upgrade it to the next version of Ubuntu.

I am also debating on what operating system I will use. I’ve been using Ubuntu since October of 06 so I am considering it because I sorta know how to use it. I’ve also considered other distro’s like suse or fedora 6. If nothing works I can always use windows xp Professional :p