reformat time

31 Dec 2006

I installed Ubuntu on my computer during the summer. All was well until I updated from Dapper to Edgy Eft (I also installed the compiz-gee-wiz 3d desktop too) The combination of these completely destroyed my computer. Sound and video were borked. Games didn’t work. and the system just crashed all the time.

During christmas break I reinstalled Edgy Eft. First I backed-up all my files to jackie’s computer. It wasn’t too bad. Easier than last time I installed Dapper.

All is well now. Jackie got me an ipod shuffle for christmas and I have been busy tagging and organizing my music since.

I tried a few programs to work with the shuffle. gtkpod, banshee, rhythm box and amarok. Gtkpod and Amarok were the only programs that could move and delete files from the ipod correctly. The other programs corrupted the itunesdb on the ipod. I decided on Amarok because it is a better music player overall.

Next thing I have to do is get Flash up and running. Im nervous about this because I do not want to break my existing sound or video.