moveable windows

20 Nov 2006

There is already plenty of code that you can use to make moveable windows in javascript. This isn’t the best and it’s only been tested in IE. One problem Im having: When you click the header of a window the window’s top left corner snaps to the mouses location. This makes a jerky window.

var mousetimer;
var down = false;

//alot of this code in unnecessary.
// I was trying different things to get rid of the jerkyness
function coordinates(){
        mousex = event.x
        mousey = event.y
        windowx =;
        windowy =;
        newx = mousex;
        newy = mousey; = newx; = newy; 
function startmonitor(){ down = true;}
function stopmonitor(){ down = false;}
function $(id){ return document.getElementById(id); }

<body id="mainbody" onmousemove="coordinates();" onmouseup="stopmonitor();">
<div id="wrapper">
<!--when you click on the border it sets down to true. 
    Now coordinates can start updating wrapper with the new mouse coordinates-->
<span style="border: 1px solid black;width:100%;background-color:blue;" 
onmousedown="startmonitor();" onmouseup="stopmonitor();">
Click here to move me</span><br>

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